Edguy Logo
These picks are sold on eBay by the seller guitarpickguru (and some other random resellers). He is known for selling and trading fake picks. He claims that those picks are from the 2006 US tour (or sometimes the 2007 US tour). The truth is that he made them himself (or got them made).

There are a million and one variations. Most commonly, there are 3 variations of the print (Edguy logo, Band member name or blank), 2 variations of the print color (plain gold or silver prism) and 7 color variations (crackled red, blue, green and transparent for the normal picks; plain white, pearl grey or violet for the bass picks). However, there are some exceptions. Note that the print appears in all possible combinations, e.g. Edguy/blank, Edguy/Dirk Sauer, Tobi/Tobi, etc.

In general, they are easy to identify since they use a very untypical Edguy font for the band member name and the print of most picks are molded a bit too much. Simply speaking: Look at the examples below and stay away from anyhing that looks similar! There are not real Edguy picks that are look close to those fakes.

The first two rows contain the most common color combinations (normal and bass picks).

The picks below are seen rarely. They show that the print was made on basically any pick available. Also note the rainbow print color variation (red pick).

Last but not least some missprints that prove with how much attention to detail the fakes were produced (i.e. not at all).